Time and Material Model

A solution that meets proposed time lines, planned budget and any anticipated challenges

Flexible and Accommodative

Software development projects are susceptible to unforeseen requirements of modifications and changes m id-course from time to time. When the project imperatives are not clear from the start and requires assets and resources for the same are subject to such changes, PureLogics advises clients to opt for an engagement model that is based on the time and materials invested in the project along the course of its development. This approach offers the client freedom to modify the course of action for development and cuts down unnecessary costs for assets that a rendered unneeded mid-course.

Recommendation Criteria

PureLogics is privy to the nature of development projects that require multiple mid-course alterations and have an undefined timeframe. For such situations, we highly recommend that our clients opt for the Time and Material engagement model which would cater perfectly to the unpredictable nature of the software development project. Some of the main features that are often seen in projects that tend to benefit most from this engagement model are:


Project Scope:

When the project scope, specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined at the outset.


Control on resources:

When you want the resources to be controlled directly and need a fixed and dedicated team.

Benefits of Time and Materials Model

The time and materials model is intended to cater to projects with undefined skilled resource requirements and a vague timeline for delivery. In this case, we provide services that are most suited to our clients? interests in the short and long run, alike. Some of the primary benefits of this model are:

  • Flexibility in revising application.
  • Optimizing the costs depending on specifics.
  • Functional model catered to your business requirements.
  • Customize resources and pay for the work done.
  • Smooth communication ensures smooth development.

With PureLogics at the helm of your software development solutions, you are never out of options for the most efficient and convenient engagement setup. At PureLogics, we care enough to put our clients? concerns into consideration while developing service plans.

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