React is a lightweight JavaScript library created by Facebook that has become highly popular in the recent years. It allows you to build beautiful UIs for your web apps using isolated and reusable building blocks called components.

React also has a huge ecosystem mainly created by third-party developers, including several tools, component libraries, IDEs, extensions for code editors and web browsers, boilerplates, and more. In this article, we have collected the 05 best tools and resources for both beginners and experienced React developers.
Reactide is a dedicated IDE (integrated development environment) for React application development. It’s a cross-platform tool that allows you to render React components without any build or server configuration. Reactide runs an integrated Node server and a custom browser simulator. It makes state flow visualization possible as well.

React Studio is a great tool if you are a designer who wants to build React apps without any coding knowledge. It’s a visual design tool that allows you to create React components and app flows based on your designs. React Studio also has built-in drawing tools, a mobile viewer, and even lets you import your files from Sketch.

It takes some time to set up an environment for a new React project with all the requirements. To help developers, Facebook released its Create React App project on Github. It’s a single command-line tool with which you can quickly get a new React app up and running. It provides you with a frontend build pipeline, sets up a developer environment, and optimizes your app for production. It works with zero configuration and you can use it with any backend language.

Storybook is a UI development environment for React components, used in production by companies like Coursera, Squarespace, and Lonely Planet. It lets you develop and test React components interactively and you can also build your own component library. With Storybook, you can view the different states of each component and develop it in isolation from your app, which results in better reusability.

React Styleguidist is another interactive environment for isolated React component development. It lets you focus on building one component at once but also comes with a hot reloaded dev server that allows you to see all your components in one place. It works out of the box with the aforementioned Create React App and supports ES6, Flow, and TypeScript, too.